Go beyond traditional heatmaps

Immediately identify your most valuable content. Our Attribution Heatmaps map user interactions to particular elements, so you can see exactly which on-page content drives engagement - regardless of different screen resolutions or page layouts. 

Add goals and pull in revenue values to see precisely how much each on-page element contributes to your business. Get the full breakdown with ranked data below the heatmap, and dive straight into session replays to investigate further.

Combine visualizations to get the complete picture of user behavior

Tired of switching between different heatmaps to get all the information you need? No longer. Use Decibel Insight's unique Hybrid Heatmaps to combine click, hover, dot, and link attribution heatmaps for a fuller understanding of on-page customer experiences.

Moreover, see the data behind the heat and dive into session replays directly from heatmaps with Boundary Mode.

Review and compare engagement all the way down the page

Our Scroll & Attention Heatmaps allow you to see exactly how far users scroll down the page – as well as the amount of attention they give on-page content while doing so.

With comparison mode, it couldn’t be simpler to contrast visitor segments in easily-digestible visual form.

Combine heatmap data for pages using the same template

Our Aggregate Heatmaps allow you to view user behavior and engagement across multiple pages at the same time.

Quickly identify trends and evaluate the performance of product or other pages using the same layout.

Accurately measure user behavior over time

Live Mode Toggle lets you navigate through your live website with heatmap overlays, or see exactly what users saw at the time of the period you set. Toggling live mode on and off makes it easy to discover how visitors have responded to any updates in design and content - through testing, personalization, or a straight redesign.

Seen something interesting? Share findings with your team directly in-app, or export the heatmap and its data for a report.

"Decibel Insight lets us reassure the decision makers that we have proof of a bottleneck in the customer experience. It’s not something we can show them with a number or an Excel spreadsheet. We need to be able to show them actual customer behavior. Here they spend a lot of time on our site but aren’t clicking a button. Here they’re hovering over white space. So let’s put a button there. That is so valuable to understanding exactly how people are interacting with our sites and how we can improve their experience."


Helena Boada

Digital Marketing Analyst

Revealing Digital Behavior - Report

Applying data science to 2.2 billion user sessions

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