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For Better Experiences

Online experiences are complex. You need smarter data to truly understand and improve them. Say hello to the world’s first Digital Experience Intelligence Platform.

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A credible KPI for digital experience. Finally.

Measure the quality of experiences across your websites & apps with your Digital Experience Score (DXS) - without having to ask customers a single question.

Understand exactly where & how to improve.

Spend less time researching and more time making an impact. Machine learning locates opportunities automatically, so you get to the heart of issues instantly.

"Decibel gives us a way to understand the customer experience that no other tool in our technology stack can. It strikes a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data, giving us both the what and the why behind site performance."

Merritt Aho, Director of Testing & Optimization

Achieve digital experience transformation

Smarter data: better experiences. Use Digital Experience Intelligence to enrich your entire martech stack, and place customer experience at the center of all you do.

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Decibel provides the intelligence you need to transform digital customer experiences and gain a competitive edge.

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