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Digital Experience Transformation: Beyond Conversion Optimization

How do the world's most successful companies stay ahead of the competition online?

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Achieving Digital Experience Transformation

89% of customers stop doing business with a brand after a bad experience. If companies don’t adapt, they face being left behind.

This report outlines the 5 key phases of digital experience maturity companies sit in today - and discusses examples from real digital transformations to advise brands on how to progress through them.

See how forward-thinking companies harness the latest technologies to align their business operations around customer insights, enabling them to go beyond conversion optimization and unlock a more sophisticated model of website & app improvement: digital experience optimization.


"A digital transformation is a significant undertaking. We knew the best way to start was to get the full picture of how all our users – not just customers – were actually experiencing our websites: information we previously had no access to. Decibel Insight has been extremely powerful in granting us this visibility, and has changed perceptions across the business, allowing us to swiftly address areas for improvement while informing longer-term strategy."


Kerry Dawes

Head of Optimization Operations