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Introducing the Digital Experience Score (DXS®)

Learn how to benchmark your website & app with the revolutionary new metric for measuring experiences online

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Benchmark, understand, and improve digital experiences like never before

The Digital Experience Score (DXS) is the first ever all-encompassing metric for measuring customer experience online. It provides objective measurement of customer experiences on your websites, web applications, and native apps.

Powered by machine-learning, Decibel’s proprietary algorithms process hundreds of smart new digital interaction metrics – purpose-built to measure experience online – and automatically calculate an experience score for every visit to your websites and apps. 

This report outlines how the Digital Experience Score is calculated and advises on how companies can use it to understand and improve experiences on their websites, applications and native apps.


"Decibel Insight gives us a way to understand the customer experience that no other tool in our technology stack can. It strikes a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data, giving us both the what and the why behind site performance."


Merritt Aho

Director of Testing & Optimization