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Digital Experience Intelligence

The first platform designed specifically to help you quickly understand and improve customer experiences online.

Understand customer state of mind with purpose-built experience data

Decibel captures every visitor interaction on your website or app – from mouse movements, hovers and clicks, to scroll patterns, device rotations and pinches – and processes it through a single platform. Our machine-learning algorithms automatically analyze this smart experience data to establish user state of mind.

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Keep pulse of online experiences with your Digital Experience Score (DXS)

The Digital Experience Score, or DXS®, automatically scores every experience across websites, apps, pages, and customers. Calculated based on customer frustration, engagement, navigation, technical and form experience, it’s the way to benchmark experience online – all without having to ask customers a single question.

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Investigate opportunities to improve with unrivalled forensic analysis

Use best-of-breed tools to understand exactly where and how to improve experiences.

Page Discovery

You have too many web & app pages to analyze manually. That’s why Decibel does it for you. See the biggest opportunities for improvement. Learn more.

Session Replay

Step into your customers’ shoes. Watch back video replays of user sessions to quickly identify the problems and frustrations they face. Learn more.

Advanced Heatmaps

Get the big picture. See the value of every piece of content on your website or app by navigating through it with dynamic heatmap overlays. Learn more.

Form Analytics

Optimize the customer’s journey at the critical moment of conversion. Quantify the effectiveness of your website forms, field by field. Learn more.

Enrich your entire stack with API-first Digital Experience Intelligence

Decibel’s technology is built on a flexible, fast, open API, enabling you to push enriched experience data out to any technology in your stack, including personalization tools, CRMs, VoC tools, business intelligence – or share with your Data Science team to model the data in-house.

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