Behavior Detection

Quantify the customer experience with smart new behavioral metrics. Our machine-learning algorithms learn what a 'normal' user experience on your website looks like, and automatically alert you to anything that falls outside it. Instantly get to the insights that matter by seeing where users are frustrated, engaged, or demonstrating interesting behaviors.

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Visitor Session Replay

Arm yourself with the most powerful evidence of all: the real behavior of visitors to your website. Watch back replays of visitor sessions in stunning detail and quickly identify the problems and frustrations that they face with the most advanced session replay available.

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Advanced Heatmaps

Bring the story of website data to life with sophisticated heatmaps. Spot the trends and anomalies in user behavior across your whole audience - or specific segments - by navigating your website with heatmap overlays.

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Form Analytics

Optimize at the critical moment of conversion. Quantify the effectiveness of your website forms: field by field, session by session. A unique dashboard for each form on your website is created, allowing for rapid diagnosis of performance and issues.

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A comprehensive set of features

Enjoy a full suite of finely-honed, category-leading customer experience and behavioral analytics tools


Advanced Segmentation

Build meaningful and relevant segments based on a diverse and extensive set of criteria.


Conversion Funnels

Map the flow of visitors through your website, from entry to conversion.


Performance Reports

Identify the speed of your web pages across all operating systems, browsers and countries.


Behavior Alerts

Stay totally informed: receive email alerts whenever there's a shift in user behavior on your website.


Bi-directional Integrations

Tie together behavioral insights with other technology in the marketing stack.


Error Reports

Get the lowdown on every single error that occurs on your website - we even tell you which line of code is responsible.


River Island

+6.5% conversion rate in just 35 days

River Island used Decibel Insight to take a deeper look at their product pages. The insights gathered led to a complete redesign of how the website displayed validation errors. 

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Anytime Support

Work alongside a friendly and expert client success team whose primary function is to ensure you get the best out of the platform.


Responsive Updates

Alongside our own exciting plans for the future, we’re always listening to your feedback and using it to inform future product updates.


Visionary Roadmap

We’re never finished. Decibel Insight is an innovative piece of technology that grows and evolves constantly.


Enterprise Infrastructure

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a platform built on secure, scalable infrastructure with ISO 27001 certification. Deployed as either SaaS or on-premises.

Dun & Bradstreet

+168% uplift with Decibel Insight

Dun & Bradstreet wanted to drive traffic to their careers page. After reviewing visitor journeys with Decibel Insight, they understood how they could do it.

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Revealing Digital Behavior - Report

Applying data science to 2.2 billion user sessions

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