Dive in to Session Replays Directly from Heatmaps - New Feature

Lucas Jones
by Lucas Jones

We're delighted to announce a new update to our Heatmaps functionality, currently being rolled out to all Decibel Insight accounts: we've brought Session Replay to our Click, Hover and Attribution Heatmaps. 

This update enables clients to immediately - and very specifically - investigate quirks in aggregated behavior, by providing the functionality to playback individual sessions directly from heatmaps. 

Below, you'll see an example of the new update in action on an Attribution Heatmap. Note the 'Show Visitors' button on the usual tooltip. 

Clicking this takes you through to a list of all sessions that interacted with the button, enabling you to watch back those sessions immediately. This provides you with actionable insight into how individual users interact with call-to-actions, menu buttons, and other important content on your website. 

Also on the tooltip is an 'Ignore' button. This enables you to disregard the selected sessions from the heatmap so they won't skew the data - you may want to ignore all those who clicked the log in button, for example.

Introducing Boundary Mode

Boundary Mode brings the same Session Replay functionality found in Attribution Heatmaps to our Click and Hover Heatmaps. 

Clicking Boundary Mode enables you to draw a box around an area of heat. A tooltip then appears, mimicking the Attribution Heatmap, noting the number of clicks / amount of time hovered in that area, and allows you to either ignore the data or click through to a list of corresponding session replays.

Say there's a heatmap that shows users hovering over on-page elements, but not clicking on a particular button: now you can simply drop a box and investigate why immediately.

Of course, as with all our new features, the best way to find out more is to log in and explore them for yourself. We'd love to know what you think - simply drop us a tweet or leave a comment below.

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Lucas Jones
Written by Lucas Jones

Lucas works in marketing at Decibel Insight.