New Heatmap Features - Comparison Mode, Hybrid Heatmaps, and Live Mode Toggle

Jack Maden
by Jack Maden

Straight on the heels of Decibel Insight 4.0, we've got another scrumptious release to tell you about. Spring time temperatures are heating up - and so are Decibel Insight's heatmaps! Now available: we've dropped a wealth of new ways to visualize user behavior on your web pages.

Be it getting a more complete view with our new Hybrid Heatmaps, contrasting visitor segments with a new comparison mode, or viewing past heatmaps on previous iterations of your website: this release gives you more analytical flexibilty than ever before. 

Read on to get the full breakdown. 

Hybrid Heatmaps: combining visualizations to get the complete picture of user behavior

New Hybrid Heatmap example: a dot hover map combined with an attribution hover map

Tired of switching between dot and attribution heatmap types to get all the information you need? No longer. The video clip above shows how you can use Decibel Insight's new Hybrid Heatmaps to get the best of both worlds.

In the example above, a dot hover map is combined with an attribution hover map. Where visitors hover directly over an element, it attributes that interaction to the element; where their hovers fall outside the element, a dot visualization shows the activity - offering you a more complete view of user behavior.

Scrolling down to the bottom reveals the key for each heatmap, as well as the usual attribution table that gives the breakdown on link engagement. 

Heatmap key.jpg

The key at the bottom of a click hybrid heatmap

Comparison Mode: see side-by-side behaviors of different segments

Comparison mode with scroll maps displaying users from different inbound channels.

Selecting comparison mode in the heatmap builder, as shown in the video clip above, causes a second heatmap to load alongside the first, allowing you to see how user behavior changes based on the paremeters you set.

Simply click on each heatmap (the blue rectangle of focus shifts accordingly) to choose the type, period, and filters as you usually would.

You can compare any kind of heatmap to instantly get the lowdown on how your content chimes with different segments of users.


Live Mode Toggle: interact with your website live, or view past versions to accurately measure customer experience over time

A favorite feature of Decibel Insight is the ability to navigate through your site with heatmap overlays. This is achieved through pulling a live version of your website into the heatmap builder. However, if you've recently changed the design of a web page, only showing the live version of a page can render past dot heatmaps inaccurate. 

We've now made it possible to turn live mode off. The toggle switch lives alongside the comparison mode and boundary mode buttons in the top right of the heatmap builder. Switching it off means that your website will load exactly as it appeared on the time period you set.

To illustrate this in action, the screenshot below shows a comparison of two dot hover heatmaps with live mode toggled off. The heatmap on the left is set to a period of last week, while the heatmap on the right is set to a period of two months ago. As can be seen, the tagline copy - and size - differs, as it reflects how visitors saw our home page at those set times.

Live mode.jpg

With live mode toggled off, website content appears exactly as it did at the period set during the heatmap build, ensuring past heatmap data is accurate regardless of new site design.

Toggling live mode on and off gives you even more flexibiltiy to measure user behavior over time, and enables you to see in easily-digestible visual form exactly how visitors have responded to any updates in design and content.

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Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden

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