Get the most out of Collision Conference - Q&A with Event Organizer Eleanor McGrath

Jack Maden
by Jack Maden

Collision Conference is America’s fastest growing tech conference, and is run by the same team behind Web Summit. Taking place in New Orleans this year, it’s a brilliant opportunity for tech startups to showcase what they can do in front of some of the most prominent investors in the business. It's also a fantastic conference in terms of content, with some outstanding keynote speakers.

We spoke to Press Manager Eleanor McGrath to get the lowdown on what’s in store for attendees.

How long has Collision been running and how has it grown in that time? 

Collision is now its third year and we are astounded that it is growing at a faster rate than Web Summit – which is now Europe’s largest technology event. We’re expecting more than 10,000 people to land in NOLA for Collision 2016, an increase from just 1,500 in 2014. 


What makes Collision different from other tech conferences?

Just like Web Summit, we use data science and technology to shape the attendee experience. Our algorithms and software ensure you meet the right people at the event and make the connections that will help build your company.

Our Collision app has a recommender system. It's an amazing tool built by our team that pulls together attendee information and suggests others of the same interests, based on country, connections and much more. It also has integrated chat functions meaning you can immediately connect with other attendees through the app.

What advice would you give to first-time attendees?

Do as much preparation and prior research as possible to make sure you know who will be attending and who will be the best contacts for you to make.

The Collision app is key to this process. You can see who is speaking where and which stages and startups are most aligned for your interests.

What do you think is going to be the best thing about this year's conference?

The community spirit that comes with New Orleans by far! Collision is all about networking and building a meeting place. The New Orleans community has been extremely welcoming and helpful to our team in this regard. This welcoming and eccentric environment will no doubt carry on to the live event and help us give our attendees the best possible experience.

We are also huge fans of music and are hosting our Music Summit for the first time at Collision, which takes place in the middle of Jazz Fest.

What are you most looking forward to personally?

Seeing Collision in action for the first time in New Orleans. It has been a pleasure working with the local tech community and Collision co-host Chris Schultz. They have shown that New Orleans is the perfect destination for Collision 2016 while highlighting what a brilliant place NOLA is for tech, startups and business in general. I'm excited to see how the tech scene grows.

Get in touch!

Are you heading to Collision Conference? Be sure to get in touch with our CEO, Ben Harris. Connect with him on LinkedIn, or message him through the Collision app. You can also catch him at stand S-111 in the START exhibition area on Thursday during the conference.

And, as always, say hello on Twitter, LinkedIn, or in the comments below. 

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Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden

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