Do you really know why your website is performing the way it is?

The first step in understanding customer behavior is asking questions that acknowledge your users as people, rather than as mere numbers in a report. Recognizing user intention and emotion as the driving forces behind website performance is key to knowing how to create good digital experiences.

Here's two such questions to get started:

  • Which on-page elements are frustrating my users? What needs to change?
  • Is the layout template I use for all my product or landing pages working for each of my users as best as it could?

This free ebook from Decibel Insight asks five user-centric questions, shifting the focus of your website analysis to the customer. Moreover, we show you how to find the answers - with clever use of website heatmaps.

Download it now for a fresh perspective on your website - and a richer understanding of your customers.

Put your website to the test and become a heatmap power user by downloading the ebook now

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