Smart new metrics designed specifically to measure digital customer experience

Decibel Insight processes hundreds of unique, smart new metrics – from mouse movements and device rotations, to errors and scroll engagement – that quantify on-page customer experiences.

Unify digital teams with a single view of customer experience, and understand exactly how users behave on your website and app – and how you can improve their experiences.

Discover the behavioral trends of users who convert versus those who don’t

Powered by proprietary machine learning, and based on the myriad behavioral metrics we collect, our technology both learns what a ‘normal’ user experience looks like on your website or app, and alerts you to anything that falls outside it.

This makes it easy for you to quickly benchmark experiences, be notified on quirks in the data, and investigate any anomalous user journeys.

Be alerted to & fix where customers get frustrated

As well as identifying behavioral trends, Decibel Insight’s algorithms automatically detect and alert you to specific user behaviors that exhibit frustration, be it furiously multiclicking or tapping, rapidly shaking the mouse, frantically rotating the device, and much more.

Decibel Insight surfaces sessions in which the frustration takes place and highlights the offending content for you, making it easier than ever to see what’s not working.

Discover which content engages users – and what can be improved

Website analysis is not just about identifying content that doesn’t work. It’s as much about clarifying what does work. Are users reading your content? Are they engaging with your promotional banner?

Decibel Insight’s engagement detection algorithms reveal where users pay attention, read content, as well as actively interact, for instance by copying and pasting. Learn what’s striking a chord with users to inform your future optimization strategy.

See Decibel Insight for yourself

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