We reveal the ‘why’ behind user behavior

Traditional web analytics tools offer the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’ behind user behavior and website performance. In order to really understand and improve digital customer experience, enterprises require a more sophisticated analytics solution.

With deep on-page behavioral analysis, powered by machine learning, our technology both learns what a ‘normal’ experience on your website or app looks like, and alerts you to anything that falls outside it. This enables you to benchmark customer experience, investigate anomalies, and truly discover the ‘why’ behind the behavioral trends that drive website performance.

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We unite your organization's view of digital customer experience

We’re on a mission to make customer experience an objective science. Our technology processes hundreds of smart, unique new behavioral metrics designed specifically to quantify digital customer experiences in real time.

This means that, from web analysts and UX experts, to marketers and customer support, our easy-to-understand visualizations of user behavior bond digital teams with a single, unified view of customer experience. Break up the data siloes now.

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We're valued by the world's largest companies - because we listen

We’re proud to work and build strong relationships with the world’s largest companies. From ecommerce to health, travel to publishing, finance to insurance: we empower our clients to make millions of dollars in additional online revenue.

With weekly development sprints, Decibel Insight evolves in large part thanks to customer feedback. In 2016 we delivered over 1,000 feature updates, based on both our ambitious roadmap and engaged discussions with our clients.

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We deliver secure, scalable technology, deployed to fit your needs

We take the security of data extremely seriously. That’s why we use independent ISO 27001 data centers, a secure hosting infrastructure, and IDS / IPS firewalls. Unlike with shared data centers, the location of your data is guaranteed – every time.

Having ironclad security measures doesn’t slow down our rapid deployment. Decibel Insight can be deployed as SaaS with a single, lightweight tag, or as on-premises with data stored in your own environment.

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We're an extension - and augmentation - of your team

Get everything you want out of your digital experience analytics platform with our dedicated solutions engineers and success managers, who are on-hand to guide you every step of the way.

Struggling for resource? Decibel Insight was born out of a digital UX agency – our expert customer experience and conversion optimization consultants are here to help.

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"What we like about Decibel Insight is they are young, they are hungry, and their code has been developed in a way that is really modern and works really closely with our front end. They act quickly and are extremely agile with their changes."


Tom Lloyd

Senior Manager for Development & Analytics

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