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Enterprise software doesn't have to be complicated

We built Decibel Insight in a way that means our clients don't have to worry about the distractions that can often come with enterprise software: complex deployment, security issues, and confusing user interfaces with infrequent updates.

With Decibel Insight, we take these avoidable worries away, and enable our clients to focus on what matters: unpacking customer insights at scale.

Four promises we make to you


Rapid development program

Improvements to Decibel Insight are constant. With a bi-weekly sprint programme, 1,000 updates have been made this year, based on both our ambitious roadmap and client feedback.


Complete security peace of mind

We take the security of your data extremely seriously. That's why we use independent ISO 27001 data centers, a secure hosting infrastructure, and IDS / IPS firewalls.


Scalable, robust technology

We built Decibel Insight with the future in mind. We use a global CDN, have unlimited integration potential - and it's all contained in a small, lightweight, powerful collection tag.


No-nonsense PII compliance

The privacy of your customers is paramount. Decibel Insight masks personally identifiable information at source, with data encrypyed both in transit and at rest.

Trust the data you're seeing

Collecting high quality data is essential for clear and logical analysis. Our collection methodology is built with integrity in mind. We capture data directly at DOM level, and export it through our powerful API, allowing for limitless customization options.

The privacy and security of your organization and customers is guarenteed - always

Information security is our highest priority. We have a host of safeguards and best-practises in place to protect you and your customers' data.

Revealing Digital Behavior - Report

Applying data science to 2.2 billion user sessions

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