Make Your Online Booking Process as Pleasant as Hotel Check-in

With thousands of users landing on your website or app every day, each armed with different intentions and device types, how can you ensure everyone has a frustration-free, flawless booking experience?

Get your copy and discover how to:

  • Reduce bounce rates on the home page and key landing pages
  • Identify visitors who show signs of confusion and frustration, so you can offer them immediate assistance
  • Anticipate future customer needs – and accommodate current ones

How can your travel website or app be improved?

76% of people will quit a brand after a bad interaction
Only 44% of travel executives felt they could rate their organizations four or higher (out of five) in terms of their preparation for a mobile world
86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience
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"Optimizing online customer experiences is a key differentiator for winning travel businesses in this era of intense competition."

–17 Ideas to Boost Conversions and Loyalty on Your Travel Website or App

Ensure that Good Travel Experiences Begin on Your Website or App

Learn how to use today’s tools to identify website and app problems more quickly – and create better experiences for all your users.

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