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Forrester TEI Study: Brands Achieve 449% ROI with Decibel's Digital Experience Analytics

Get your copy of the full Forrester Total Economic Impact Study that revealed a 449% ROI for companies that implement Decibel.


15 Insights for Finance & Insurance Businesses Seeking to Boost Conversions & Loyalty Online

This e-guide offers powerful actions and insights to improve the experience that finance and insurance organizations deliver through their websites and apps.


Guest Forrester Analyst: How Brands Achieve 449% ROI with Digital Experience Analytics

Learn the details behind Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study that revealed a 449% ROI for companies that implement Decibel.


LV= secures an additional £1.6M in annual revenue with Decibel

Learn how LV= GI achieved a 1%+ quote-to-sale uplift generating an additional £1.6M in annual revenue with insights from Decibel.


17 Ideas to Boost Conversions and Loyalty on Your Travel Website or App

This e-guide offers powerful actions and insights to improve the experience travel and hospitality businesses deliver through their websites and apps.


LEGO creates a friction-free checkout process with Decibel

Using qualitative insights from Decibel, LEGO was able to fix key experience issues impacting the checkout flow.


7 Simple Steps to Significantly Improve the User Experience (UX) on Your Website or App

Learn a simple, repeatable process to share with your team for improving user experiences on your website or app.


ACE Cash Express Increases Monthly Loan Applications by +1000 with Decibel

Discover how ACE Cash Express used Decibel to increase their online conversion rate by 1.5%.


Take Your Ecommerce Results to the Next Level: 17 Powerful Ideas to Boost Conversions and Revenue

Learn powerful actions you can take to improve the experience you deliver through your retail business's website or app.


Understanding Digital Experiences: a Webinar with Adam Greco

See how digital guru Adam Greco augments Adobe Analytics with Decibel to understand the quality of customer experiences online.


First National Bank of Omaha Uses Decibel to Launch and Monitor New Customer Platform

See how insights from Decibel enabled the FNB digital team to seamlessly launch a new online customer platform.


The Digital Boiling Point: Customer Experience Survey 2019

We asked 1,000+ consumers in the US & UK what frustrates & engages them most when shopping and browsing online.


The Loan Exchange Increases Form Interactions by 108% Using Decibel

Learn how the digital team at The Loan Exchange used Decibel to inform the highly successful redesign of their website and app.


9 Powerful Stats on Why Businesses Must Invest in Mobile Apps

Share this powerful infographic with your team to prove the power of mobile apps.


Uncover the Secret Weapon to Customer Experience Success with TUI

Watch this webinar to find out how TUI was able to achieve conversion and revenue success with the Digital Experience Score (DXS).


New Digital Experience Score (DXS) Proven to Predict $30m Revenue Growth for TUI

Discover how world-leading travel company TUI translates customer experience into revenue with the Digital Experience Score (DXS).


Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) in 2019: the Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience Management

Future proof your banking, financial services or insurance (BFSI) business.


Keys to Successful Customer Experience Management

Learn how TUI, a travel hospitality booking company, has succeeded in using the Adobe-Decibel integration.


Measuring the Digital Customer Experience, Objectively

Quantifying customer experiences with one of the world's leading authorities on customer-focused business strategies, Don Peppers.


Ecommerce in 2019: the Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience Management

Everything you need to take control of your online store and provide fantastic experiences to your customers.


Introducing the Digital Experience Score (DXS)

Benchmark, understand, and improve digital experiences like never before with the first holistic measure of customer experience online.


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Experience Transformation

Discover how the world’s leading companies harness the latest web technologies to stay ahead of the competition and delight their customers online.


Fidelity Achieves 100% Return on Annual Investment in Week One

Decibel's qualitative insights enable Fidelity to fix a previously unknown issue costing a significant amount per month.


How Effective are You at Measuring Online Customer Experiences?

See how your company compares to others in the industry when it comes to measuring & delivering digital experiences - and get tips on how to improve.


Tesco Mobile Achieves +70% Conversion in Checkout Step

Combining quantitative and qualitative insights informs a successful redesign of Tesco Mobile's checkout process.


Revealing Digital Behavior: Applying Data Science to 2.2 Billion User Sessions

See what our data scientists discovered about digital body language - and what it means in relation to customer experience.


River Island Achieves +6.5% Conversion Rate in Just 35 Days

Using Decibel to take a forensic look at product pages leads to a complete redesign of how validation errors are displayed.


5 Difficult Questions to Ask of Your Website (and 5 Heatmaps to Answer Them)

Do you really know why your website is performing the way it is? It's time to put it on trial.


Provident Achieves +15% Form Completion Rate

Measuring and optimizing website forms using funnel and form analytics leads to 15% more completions.


7 Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Session Replay

Do you find yourself watching session replays at random? Learn how to be more selective and get insights faster in this free eguide.


Education First Achieves +20% Form Submissions

Enhancing Adobe Analytics with insights into customer behavior leads to a 20% increase in form submissions.


What Does the Future Hold for Website Analytics?

Discover the latest trends in web analytics in this exclusive webinar recording with Adobe, Decibel, and Proactiv.


LexisNexis Achieves +81% Revenue & +77% Conversion Year on Year

Placing Decibel at the heart of their optimization methodology transforms the peformance of LexisNexis's UK site.


Load Time's Impact on User Behavior across Devices

Our data scientists analyzed 83,828 user sessions from two popular websites - one ecommerce and one travel - over a four-month period.


Dun and Bradstreet Achieves +168% Uplift with Decibel

Driving traffic to the careers page by reviewing visitor journeys.


How is the Customer Experience Industry Shaping Up?

Discover the challenges faced by the digital customer experience industry - and how your business compares.


British Airways Inform Customer Support & Optimize Page Layouts

Using an on-site survey with Decibel to enhance understanding of user journeys and get the full story behind customer support issues.


What Drives Users to Convert on Travel Websites?

Behavioral analysis of 128,535 visitor sessions across two major global travel websites.


Micro Focus Transforms its Approach to Web Design

"Before, our websites were thrown together without much thought for usability and layout. Now every detail is scrutinized to see how people interact."


Return on Digital Resolve Client Conversion Issues

"Without Decibel, our conversion optimization and user experience delivery framework wouldn't exist in its current form."

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