Problem: "We don't know why customers leave our website or app."
Solution: Discover the 'why' behind customer behavior

Traditional analytics tools offer the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’ behind user behavior and website performance. With deep on-page behavioral analysis, Decibel Insight allows you to investigate customer motivation and intent, and understand exactly why your website or app is performing the way it is.

Education First saw a 20% increase in form submissions by using Decibel Insight's rich behavioral analysis to enhance its traditional anayltics solution.

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Problem: "We spend too much time looking for ways to improve the customer experience."
Solution: Automated, detailed page performance reports and technical alerts

By tracking website performance across every device and browser, we instantly alert you to any problems. Moreover, be it javascript, http, application or form validation, Decibel Insight empowers you to identify, fix or improve the wording of every single error. For technical errors, we even tell you the offending line of code. 

See the impact small details like the wording of your errors has on user experiences. For River Island, a slight change in messaging led to a 6.5% increase in conversion rate.

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Problem: "We want to understand how to motivate engagement with different products and services."
Solution: See exactly which content works - and which doesn't

Our machine-learning algorithms do the hard work of analysing billions of experiential metrics for you, and surface where users are frustrated and engaged. Visually compare different iterations of your website to instantly identify what chimes with your audience.

Dun & Bradstreet drove 168% more traffic to its careers page by using Decibel Insight to understand how its visitors respond to different content.

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Problem: "We want to drive a customer-first mentality across our organization."
Solution: Single view of digital customer experience

Communication is easier when everyone is speaking the same language. Smart new metrics designed specifically to quantify digital customer experience provide siloed digital teams with a single view of digital experience. Our easy-to-action insights can be used by different departments to drive optimal experiences across every touchpoint. 

By placing Decibel Insight at the heart of its optimization program, LexisNexis increased the revenue of its UK website by 81% year on year.

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"Decibel Insight gives us a way to understand the customer experience that no other tool in our technology stack can. It strikes a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data, giving us both the what and the why behind site performance. Best part about it? It’s packaged up in a simple, but powerful UI so that any marketer can leverage its extensive features whenever they need it without going through extensive training."


Merritt Aho

Director of Testing & Optimization

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