Tesco Mobile Increases Step Conversion in the Checkout Flow by 70% with Decibel Insight

Jack Maden
by Jack Maden

Tesco Mobile is the mobile provider of choice for over 4.8 million people worldwide. Its website is the go-to digital portal for new and existing customers alike. The Tesco Mobile digital team deploy Decibel Insight to measure and improve the user experience across their online shop. In this case, their investigations led to a fix that improved mobile basket funnel step conversions by 70%.

Tesco Mobile's Question

Senior Ecommerce Manager, Simon Lancaster, wanted an answer to the following question regarding the Tesco Mobile basket flow: “Why do we lose prospective customers between selecting a tariff and confirming payment details on SIM Only Mobile?”

Tariff to Basket Funnel


The Tesco Mobile basket funnel flows through four stages: tariff selection, data package, bill capping, and basket summary. Loading up this funnel in Decibel Insight, Simon and the team found a significant drop off between the first two funnel stages, ‘Tariff’ and ‘Data’. This was puzzling. Are users starting the checkout process with no intention of following it through? Or is something in the journey hindering their progress?

The quantitative funnel analysis showed a problem. Simon and the team then sought qualitative insights by using Decibel Insight’s full suite of digital experience analytics tools to investigate further. Their main focus? The first funnel stage.

Too Many Tarrif Options

Loading up a Hover Heatmap on the tariff page (figure 1 below) revealed that, while there was significant engagement near the top of the available tariff list, users did not engage with options at the bottom. A Scroll Reach Heatmap (figure 2 below) confirmed this, suggesting that users were confronted with too many options, resulting in disengagement.


Hover Heatmap (figure 1, left) and Scroll Reach Heatmap (figure 2, right) show lack of engagement.

Moving Call to Action

TescoCTA.jpgThis disengagement with the long tariff list revealed in the heatmaps above is compounded by a moving call to action between checkout stages.

As can be seen by figure 3 to the right, the call to action moves between stages of the checkout. A moving confirm button disrupts the flow of the checkout, and can contirbute to user drop off.

Changes and Results

As a result of the quantitative and qualitative insights gathered from Decibel Insight’s digital experience analytics, the digital team at Tesco Mobile made the following changes:

  1. Implemented a “recommended” filter to produce a shorter, curated list of tariffs
  2. Moved the button from a static to a sticky panel that follows the visitor as they scroll


Previous layout (left) & new design (right)

As a result of the above changes, the funnel step between ‘Tariff’ and ‘Data’ saw an uplift in conversion rate of 70%.

What They Say

Simon Lancaster, Senior Ecommerce Manager at Tesco Mobile, says: "Decibel Insight combines quantitative and qualitative data in a way that gives us the ‘why’ behind user behavior at scale. It has been instrumental in optimizing conversion rates and improving the customer experience on Tesco Mobile.

"Without Decibel Insight, we would not have a clear understanding of on-page user behavior, and thus would not be able to make informed choices about how to change that behavior to create better experiences for our customers - and improve our bottom line while doing so."



Customer Experience Case Study Heatmaps

Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden

Jack is Digital Manager at Decibel, the best digital experience intelligence platform around! He also runs philosophy break.