Startup Decibel Insight Open Sources $5m of Tech in Race for Talent - Press Release

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Tech startup Decibel Insight releases web-services API framework in bid to attract top software engineers.

What does a startup do when confronted with the challenge of hiring top quality engineering talent?

For one innovative web analytics firm, the answer was to turn the traditional recruitment process on its head and approach the challenge from a completely different angle.

That was the thinking that led Decibel Insight to open source part of their code base – a bold move that they hope will give them an edge in the competitive search for global talent.

Named Decibel Core, this new open source product is the web-services API framework component of the award-winning enterprise analytics platform, Decibel Insight. The result of five years of development, it’s a feature-rich, object-oriented framework that enables developers to rapidly build powerful APIs for their web and mobile applications.

Decibel Core has been made available through GitHub with immediate effect.

Decibel Insight’s decision to open up part of their technology stack to the global development community comes during a period of significant growth for the startup. Since launch in 2014 they have increased revenue by 2,200% YoY as their technology has been adopted by enterprise clients in the US and UK.

Ben Harris, CEO, says:

“Everybody knows how hard it can be to find the very best software engineers, so we’ve tried to shake things up by encouraging them to find us instead.

“Decibel Core is an $5m API framework, and we’re putting it into the hands of the software development community for free in the hope that by exposing this small but valuable part of our stack, developers will be impressed by what we’re doing and want to find out more.”

Timothy de Paris, CTO, says:

“We’re building something incredibly exciting here. Open sourcing part of our code base is a way that we can invite developers around the world to get a glimpse of the technology we’re working on.

“It’s part of a long-term strategy to build two-way relationships with likeminded programmers. We’re looking forward to seeing where it leads us.”


Decibel Insight empowers enterprise-level digital marketers and web analysts to put customer experience at the heart of what they do. Its award-winning technology tracks and records exactly how visitors interact with websites, enabling marketers and web analysts to forensically examine their behavior and use that insight to improve the on-site customer experience.

Decibel Insight launched at the end of Q1 2014 after three years of development and beta testing, and is now the most advanced product of its kind globally, surpassing its competitors and being used in over 50 countries.

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