New Beta Feature - Static Heatmaps

Phil Haslehurst
by Phil Haslehurst

Now live in beta programme member accounts is a small change to the Decibel Insight interface, that packs a significant punch in boosting the functionality and flexibility of our technology.

It's called static heatmaps, and we'd love to know what you think of it. Read more to find out all the details. 


What it does:

Decibel Insight's suite of heatmaps provides a dynamic and responsive view of aggregated visitor interaction, presented as a layer of data on top of your current website. 

If your website regularly changes, then it's possible to view heatmap data from previous versions of your website overlaid on the most recent version of the site. This can lead to erroneous results. 

Using static heatmaps overrides the usual dynamic view of heatmaps and instead overlays the heatmap data on the right version of the website as it appeared during the date range selected. 

Eg. On January 1st, 2016, the website was updated. Using static heatmaps, a Decibel Insight user can view heatmaps for time ranges prior to January 1st, overlaid on the old version of the website that was live at the time. 

Where to find it:

Access static heatmaps in the heatmaps module, through the Decibel Insight sidebar. In the heatmap toolbar is a checkbox marked "Live". The checkbox is checked by default, indicating that live, dynamic heatmaps are being rendered. 

detail view.png

Unchecking this box takes the user to a static heatmap view, where the appropriate version of the website for the selected date range will be shown. 

Your feedback:

It may be just one checkbox, but the technology powering static heatmaps is complicated and sophisticated. As usual for a beta feature, we'd love to know if you find it useful in your day-to-day work with Decibel Insight. 

You can give us your feedback in a number of ways:

  1. Speak to your account manager to discuss your experiences with this beta feature
  2. Drop us an email - - and share your thoughts
  3. Tweet us! We love to hear from you on Twitter, any time


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Phil Haslehurst
Written by Phil Haslehurst

Phil is Head of Marketing at Decibel Insight.