More Statistics and Pageview Capping - Changelog

Timothy de Paris
by Timothy de Paris

Amidst the busy autumn events calendar we've been hard at it working to make improvements to Decibel Insight based on your feedback and our own product roadmap. Here are the highlights of the latest sprint:

Additional Behavioral Statistics


Decibel Insight tracks many behavioral statistics out-of-the-box that are not available in traditional web analytics packages, such as:

  • Focus time
  • JavaScript error rates
  • Form validation error rates

These statistics are now available for each audience segment in your Decibel Insight account. Just click on the "view details" action on the segment report to view them in a dashboard. 

Ignoring JavaScript Errors

It's now possible to ignore specific JavaScript errors so that they no longer count towards the JavaScript errors report. This can be useful when an error is identified that has no impact on the user journey, and therefore is not considered a high priority for fixing by the development team. 

Just click the "ignore" icon in the report and it will be recalculated omitting the error selected. 

Pageview Capping

When more then one web property is configured in an account, it is sometimes desirable to ensure that a single property cannot use all the available pageviews for that account. 

To configure a pageview cap for any website or app, simply edit the property configuration and enter the maximum number of pageviews that will be recorded in any month. 


As well as these changes, we've made the usual round of speed improvements and bug fixes to continuously improve performance. 

As always, we love to hear from you with your feedback and ideas on what else we can do to make Decibel Insight as useful to you as possible. In the last year about 50% of the updates we've made to the application have been based on real user feedback. Your suggestions matter - and they influence the direction of our product!

So, drop us an email, or a tweet, and tell us what features you'd like to see in Decibel Insight. We could be announcing your update in our next changelog!

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Timothy de Paris
Written by Timothy de Paris

Tim is Chief Technology Officer at Decibel Insight.