New Error Reports, Improved Session Replays and More - Changelog

Timothy de Paris
by Timothy de Paris

It’s been a while since our last public changelog, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard behind the scenes! Our weekly development sprints have carried on as always, and this post will draw out some of the exciting new features and upgrades that have happened recently.

Application Error Report

The standout release from the last few weeks is a brand new error report: the Application Error Report. As well as tracking JavaScript Errors, HTTP Errors and Form Validation Errors, it is now possible to use Decibel Insight to track non-technical error messages that are shown throughout a user’s journey. An example of this type of error may be a message shown to the user after starting the checkout process to explain that a particular product is no longer in stock.

Form Validation Error Message Reporting

As well as understanding which form fields visitors are receiving validation errors on, it is now possible to configure Decibel Insight to track the specific error messages shown to your visitors. These will appear in the Form Validation Error Report, as pictured below.


Bulk Favourite for Session Replays

We’ve made it easier to sort through your session replays – it’s now possible to favorite multiple session replays simultaneously by clicking on the checkbox next to the relevant replays then selecting the “Favorite” action.


Moreover, when sharing a replay, you can now add a comment to provide some additional context or insight for those receiving it. 

Return Visit Sampling Configuration

By default, sampling in Decibel Insight has included all subsequent visits for a visitor that has previously been included in the sample. It is now possible to disable return visit sampling to create a broader sample size and more effectively manage the utilization of available pageviews.

As well as the features mentioned above, a whole host of optimizations, bug fixes and interface improvements have been implemented too. For the full list, visit the changelog in the Decibel Insight app’s help section.

Get in touch!

We would love to hear your feedback – and any suggestions, requests or ideas for future releases. Our users really do influence the direction of Decibel Insight, so drop us an email, tweet or comment – we read and respond to everything we receive! 

In the meantime, stay tuned for some very exciting developments we have coming soon.

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Timothy de Paris
Written by Timothy de Paris

Tim is Chief Technology Officer at Decibel Insight.