Improved Session Replays and JavaScript Error Reports - Changelog

Timothy de Paris
by Timothy de Paris

As October nears its end we’ve been working as hard as ever to implement your feedback in the form of updates and improvements. Here are the highlights of Decibel Insight’s latest sprint.

Improved JavaScript Error Reports

The JavaScript error report now makes it easier to understand the impact JavaScript errors have on your website visitors. Specific errors are ordered by the percentage of visitors affected, and you can conveniently view the Session Replays of visitors who experienced them.

Session Replay Improvements

To make managing your favorite journeys more efficient, you can now specify a reason for storing a session as a favorite and quickly locate favorite journeys by looking for the favorite icon in the session report. Simply hover over the star next to the session name to get the details.

Moreover, to complement this feature, we now flag Session Replay comments – the launch of which we discussed last week – in the session list report too. For a recap on how to add a comment to a Session Replay, view our video below.



As well as the features mentioned above, a myriad of optimizations and bug fixes have been implemented too. For the full list, visit the changelog in the Decibel Insight app’s help section. 

Get in touch!

We would love to hear your feedback on this sprint – and any suggestions, requests or ideas for future releases. Our users really do influence the direction of Decibel Insight, so drop us an email,tweet or comment – we read and respond to everything we receive! 

Article thumbnail photo courtesy of Iwan Gabovitch under Creative Commons Licence. 

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Timothy de Paris
Written by Timothy de Paris

Tim is Chief Technology Officer at Decibel Insight.