Improved Funnels and new Segment Criteria - Changelog

Timothy de Paris
by Timothy de Paris

This sprint we've focused on making some improvements to two great features of Decibel Insight - funnels, and segmentation. Both changes have been made with you, the end user in mind. We're always taking on board feedback from the people who use Decibel Insight every day, trying to make the tool as practical and useful as possible. 

So, if you've got ideas about how to improve Decibel Insight, why not let us know about it? Your feedback could inspire the next set of updates to our platform!

Funnel Improvements

It's now possible to use a goal as a funnel step. This means that funnels can now be created to analyse the flow of customers through multiple events on a single page, for example: homepage > product page > select item colour > add to basket.

The funnel report also now lists the visitors that dropped out at each stage, making it easy to watch back session replays and understand the behavioral contributors to the exit. 

To access these visitor lists through funnels, simply click the red arrow in the funnel report. The video below gives a very quick illustration:



New Segment Criteria

Based on client feedback we've expanded our (already wide) range of segmentation criteria to now include:

  • Segmenting based on the total number of sessions per visitor
  • Identifying users that experienced HTTP errors
  • Using grouped forms as segmentation criteria

Tech Updates

Timothy de Paris
Written by Timothy de Paris

Tim is Chief Technology Officer at Decibel Insight.