MeasureCamp 7 Recap: 5 Things We Learned

Lucas Jones
by Lucas Jones

Last weekend’s bi-annual MeasureCamp in London is the essential event for anyone wanting to learn from their peers within the industry. Tickets are like gold dust, but as Gold Sponsors of the event we had a front row seat to the action.

As the analytics community ease their way back into work after a raucous and hugely successful edition of MeasureCamp, here are our highlights of the day.

1. There is a distinct lack of willpower

The day kicked off with a prep talk from Peter O’Neill about what to expect from MeasureCamp VIII and the introduction of buzzword ‘swear jars’. Many of the phrases and jargon listed were spoken throughout the day - often audibly louder than a murmur. By the end of the day, the ‘swear jars’ were over spilling with the pennies of helpless analysts.

2. Never stand in the way of an eager analyst and a session board

Carnage then descended on Pimlico for the first time since the last MeasureCamp - a horde of eager analysts were unleashed on the now legendary session board to share their ideas and knowledge with other attendees, whilst others like me stood with our jaws dropped in unison watching the action unfold.

3. Websites need less BS

The incomparable Craig Sullivan shared his knowledge about session replay and other tools that are used to make websites better.

Craig spoke at length – with the occasional colorful language thrown in - about the common mistakes that he sees all too often from websites and how just a bit of time and investment in the right tools can help make real savings.

4. Own your analytics data

In a superhero-themed presentation, Xavier Colomes took us through the skills needed to become better analysts. With tips ranging from anticipating the needs of the organization to embracing change, Xavier argued that we should always be prepared when challenged and to challenge those in power by presenting the case succinctly in language that they will understand.

5. Online publishers are moving away from traditional advertising

Julia Jakubiec from The Economist spoke about the challenges traditional publishers faced when raising revenue at a time when circulation is decreasing.

The session focused on new ways of advertising available to businesses and how The Economist is leading the way in offering something different to reach their audience. Julia took us through a case study about how The Economist and GE have worked together on a mini site that reaches business decision makers by offering a variety of content ranging from infographics to live web chats.

To find out more about the event, visit the MeasureCamp website, where you can also find images and presentations of the day. Bring on the next one!

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Lucas Jones
Written by Lucas Jones

Lucas works in marketing at Decibel Insight.