Guide to Behave: What to Expect at the First Enterprise Conversion Assembly

Lucas Jones
by Lucas Jones

BEHAVE kicks off this weekend in the great city of Austin. Billed as the world’s first Enterprise Conversion Assembly, it promises to bring together the disciplines of marketing, optimization, analysis and testing into one cohesive event.

With great speakers, educational content and actionable advice from peers, BEHAVE has something for everyone. Here’s why.

Content that makes you think

The content program is fantastic. We’re especially looking forward to watching Steven Levitt, author of the Freakonomics series. Freakonomics is a fascinating series, where Steven and his co-author Stephen Dubner apply (sometimes controversially) economic theory to diverse subjects. Some of the topics he has covered are: the parallels in corporate hierarchy between drug gangs and McDonalds, the dark side of incentives which lead to sumo wrestlers throwing matches, teachers to cheat and office workers to steal bagels, and how swimming pools are more dangerous than guns.

Personalized, constructive advice from experts

BEHAVE offers attendees the opportunity to sit down with conversion experts available to offer specific advice about your site, landing pages and email templates. These are one-to-one sessions meaning any advice is personalized specifically to you; providing an invaluable opportunity to sit down and learn from industry experts drawing on their experiences to help you make actionable improvements to your website.

Bootcamps that don’t hurt

A bootcamp that provides results without all the hard work may sound too good to be true, but at BEHAVE they exist. These sessions are practical and hands-on offering invaluable tactics and advice about how you can get the most out of testing to improve conversions on your website.

Our Director of New Clients Jen Miller will be holding one such session with Tracey Ruffin, VP of Performance at MRM McCann, offering advice on how you can get the most out of your visitor’s data and practical tips about how you can extract meaningful insights from it. To book your place at this bootcamp click here.

Our team will be at BEHAVE throughout, so if you have any questions or would like any advice then let us know. You can email us, tweet us or connect with us through LinkedIn.

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Lucas Jones
Written by Lucas Jones

Lucas works in marketing at Decibel Insight.