3 Key Learnings from the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange

Emma Tilley
by Emma Tilley

It’s not often you get the opportunity to take some time out from day-to-day work and truly focus on what industry peers are doing to innovate in their roles.

So it was refreshing to experience exactly that at IQPC’s Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange on January 25th and 26th at the Luton Hoo Hotel.

There was a buzz in the air as everyone sat down on day one and prepared to soak up as much knowledge as possible, filling their notepads with ideas. With so many learnings and takeaways shared, we’ve compiled our top 3 highlights - giving you the inside scoop on how to better perform in today’s digital, data and customer-centric world.


1. Use the data you have as leverage

We all know how it happens, your boss or CEO sees something they love - or has a great experience - and ta da, the next optimization you make to your customer experience isn’t a part of your strategy, but based on the opinion of someone higher than you in the organization. A recurring theme at Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange was how to change thinking within the businesses and different approaches to customer experience optimization.

Data data data is the answer!

Marzena Kowalska from The AA explained that her Data, Insight & Decisioning team see themselves as “the truth tellers”, reveling in their position of power because they have the data to back up their decisions. If you provide the numbers to your senior management, then what else can they say - data is always clear and always concise.

The best way to use it within an organization though is to show colleagues not the data you have, but how you will transform the business with the data you have. Be sure to share the ROI you predict, the money you will save and the things you expect to learn from the changes you’ll be making.


2. Smart businesses offer smart content

At BT, the digital channel is the number one choice for their customers and so, customer experience optimization has been at the forefront of their strategy.

Chief Data Analytics Architect, Jason Perkins and Head of Business Intelligence and Insight, Spencer Davis gave the audience a look into why they started to use machine learning algorithms to supercharge their personalization efforts. If a visitor has recently bought a broadband package from BT, they won’t want to be served a homepage advertising that same broadband deal – it is easy to lose a customer if you show them a product they already have.

Although complex, algorithms have been vital for BT, enabling them to serve up the best matched offer for a visitor and push this into their A/B testing plans.

3. Conversion optimization has evolved into experience optimization

Our CEO Ben Harris revealed his thoughts for where the industry – and the solutions that power it – is headed, focusing on how conversion optimization has evolved into experience optimization.

Using a recent study performed by our data scientists, he looked at how two major travel sites - with comparable checkout processes – each have their own ‘conversion fingerprint’.  It was clear that what works for one website will not necessarily work for all, so understanding your on-site experiences is critical in making informed improvements.

Overall, we hope these takeaways will give you a little inspiration when considering how to bring your business into a data driven, customer-centric world.  


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You can also download the full Comparing Travel Site Conversion report as mentioned above, if you want to see a breakdown of contextual patterns that emerge in the relationship between user behavior and website outcomes.

Comparing Travel Site Conversion Rates

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Emma Tilley
Written by Emma Tilley

Emma is Event Marketing Manager at Decibel Insight.