Education First

+20% form submission using Adobe and Decibel Insight

Education First uses Adobe Analytics with Decibel Insight to understand customer behavior and improve experiences. The insights gathered led to a 20% increase in form submissions.

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+81% revenue & +77% conversion rate year on year

LexisNexis places Decibel Insight at the heart of its sophisticated GRIT (Governance, Reporting, Insight, and Testing) framework. Applying this methodology transformed the peformance of their UK site.

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British Airways

Informed customer support and optimized page layouts

British Airways combined an on-site survey with Decibel Insight's digital experience analytics to enhance their understanding of user journeys - and to help get the full story behind customer support issues.

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River Island

+6.5% conversion rate in just 35 days

River Island used Decibel Insight to take a deeper look at their product pages. The insights gathered led to a complete redesign of how the website displayed validation errors. 

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"Decibel Insight gives us a way to understand the customer experience that no other tool in our technology stack can. It strikes a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data, giving us both the what and the why behind site performance."

Merritt Aho

Director of Testing & Optimization

" Decibel Insight has proven invaluable in resolving our client's conversion issues and allowed us to proceed with the creation and delivery of a CRO and UX service offering. "

Martin Crutchley

Digital Strategist

" We wanted to replace our existing tool with something more in-depth and innovative. With its sleek interface, advanced heatmaps, Google Analytics integration and filtering options, Decibel Insight made perfect sense for us. "

Laura Boyle

Digital Insights Analyst

" Integrating Decibel Insight with the industry's top testing and analytics tools is a breeze. With this type of integration, Decibel Insight could provide you with the visuals you need to back up your A/B testing. "

Mike Adams

Director & Optimization Engineer

" Decibel Insight gives us unprecedented visibility into how visitors use our websites. Instead of convincing stakeholders we need to change something they love, we let Decibel Insight do the talking. "

Emily Franson

Director of Web Marketing

Merritt Aho
Martin Crutchley
Mike Adams
Emily Franson

Dun & Bradstreet

+168% uplift with Decibel Insight

Dun & Bradstreet wanted to drive traffic to their careers page. After reviewing visitor journeys with Decibel Insight, they knew how to do it.

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Micro Focus

Decibel Insight transformed how the team approach web design

"Before, our websites were thrown together without much thought for usability and layout. Now every detail is scrutinized to see how people interact."

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Return On Digital

Use Decibel Insight to resolve client conversion issues

"Our CRO and UX delivery wouldn’t exist in its current
form without Decibel Insight. It provided us with the
opportunity to centralise reporting for a range of
metrics which we had previously used 3 or 4 other
platforms to facilitate."

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