4 Reasons Why You Need to Be at Oracle MCX Next Week

Lauren Burgess  |  April 6, 2018

Lauren Burgess  |  April 6, 2018


We're thrilled to announce that we'll be exhibiting at Oracle's Modern Customer Experience conference next week in Chicago. MCX attracts thousands of attendees who are passionate about delivering remarkable customer experiences at every digital touch point (so we'll fit right in!). By attending, you'll be able to connect with professionals from all over the world and gain a unique insight into understanding and revolutionizing your customers’ digital experiences. If you haven’t already snagged your pass, we thought we’d persuade you to come join us with these four benefits:

1. Learn from the best

With over 300 speakers, demonstrations and practical workshops, you're sure to have an experience at MCX that will help you master new skills and produce incredible results for your organization. These inspiring voices are industry leaders with decades of experience so make sure you’re front and center when they start revealing the secrets to their success!

2. There’s awesome evening entertainment going on 

On Wednesday special guest Weezer will be putting on a concert and hotly anticipated marketing awards, The Markies, are taking place on Tuesday, so you'll no doubt have tons of fun and meet new friends along the way. There’s also lots of free food and swag from exhibitors. (Swing by the Decibel stand for sunglasses and CX-y notebooks.)

3. Discover how companies like Mercury Insurance improved their customer experience

Our CEO Ben Harris will be joining Mercury Insurance's Sr. Manager of Brand Engagement Simon J. Howell to explain how utilizing experience data facilitated a 12.32 percentage point improvement in conversions and reduced error rates from 20% to just 3% on the Mercury Insurance website. During this breakout session on Wednesday at 4.15pm, we’ll also be revealing how you can discover your Digital Experience Score (DXS) with the use of the Decibel platform.

4. You can join the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings

If you're part of this group, you'll be able to have a chat with us and other exhibitors before the event days officially kick off. This is a great opportunity to hear in more detail how your unique customer experience challenges can be addressed with innovative technology.

If you haven't already got your pass, there's still time to sign up (and book the flights if this has given you the encouragement you need for your first visit to Chicago!) so be sure to check out the registration information.




Lauren Burgess

Written on April 6, 2018 by:

Lauren Burgess

Lauren is a Digital Marketing Executive at Decibel.


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