Why it’s Time to Look Beyond Traditional Web Analytics

Chris Giarratana  |  January 29, 2016

Chris Giarratana  |  January 29, 2016


The goal of a business is to make money, and the best way to do this is to meet the needs and desires of your customers. As a website, this means you need to optimize your content to provide the best value for your audience at every step.

But how can you improve the customer experience if you don’t know what your customers are experiencing?

The only option is to climb into the customer’s shoes. To do this, a digital marketer must look at different tools and stats to garner insight into the user experience. Metrics like Open Rate, Click Through Rate, and Page View offer a glimpse into the user experience. However, these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) show only the overall health of content, not the quality of each user interaction and experience.

Up until now digital marketers haven’t had a way to see first-hand how people interact with content. As a result, they’ve been forced to examine patterns and find signals that offer mere hints. This traditional approach is difficult and expensive.

Indeed, the only way to optimize for conversions is to have accurate insight on not just what your audience is doing but also how. Without knowing the context of their actions, you can’t make any meaningful improvements to your website.

Real-time, qualitative feedback is required to find ways to get the upper hand in our competitive markets. This is why heatmaps and video recordings of user interactions are so valuable. You need to see what your audience is seeing, so you can improve how they interact with your website.


I have used several heatmapping programs like Decibel Insight’s heatmaps to check how people interact with my website. The information I received provided me great contextual knowledge about what elements users found appealing, and enabled me to come up with clear ways to optimize each page.

I have also used video replay programs like Decibel Insight’s visitor session replay to watch recordings of how people use my websites. It’s a lot of fun to sit back and see people interacting with my designs. While it can be depressing to see someone not interact with my website as intended, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally see where the friction points are and optimize as needed.

Technology is changing and your audience is becoming picky when it comes to digital content. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to begin optimizing for the future. Take a look at your online content and discover ways to improve the Customer Journey for your audience.

Your customers will reward you with their hard earned cash if you take the time to understand their experience and make it easier for them to interact with your company.


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Chris Giarratana

Written on January 29, 2016 by:

Chris Giarratana

Lead Strategist at cjgiarratana.com, a digital marketing consultant group.


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