Infographic: 9 Insights You Need to Win at Conversion Optimization in the 2020s

Jack Maden  |  February 7, 2020

Jack Maden  |  February 7, 2020


The 2010s saw conversion rate optimization (CRO) become the gold standard in how digital teams approach making improvements to their websites and apps.

CRO is a simple process. It involves measuring your current app or website's performance, hypothesizing how to make it better, and then testing your hypothesis.

If the results are positive, you roll out your changes. If not, you go back to the drawing board.  

But if every digital team in the land is now going hell to leather on conversion rate optimization, you need something to help take your efforts to the next level. 

Decibel's conversion experts have teamed up with our friends at Adobe to put together nine crucial insights digital teams need for winning at conversion optimization as we enter the 2020s. 

See the infographic below: click to get the full-size PDF that you can share with your team. 

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Are you ready for success in the 2020s?

To supplement the insights from the infographic, if you're looking for a proven, repeatable process when it comes to optimizing your website or app, download our e-guide now: 7 Simple Steps to Significantly Improve the User Experience (UX) on Your Website or App

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Jack Maden

Written on February 7, 2020 by:

Jack Maden

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