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Jack Maden  |  November 29, 2016

Jack Maden  |  November 29, 2016


Welcome to your one-stop shop for all the latest in digital experience! We regularly update this list of essential optimization tools and tips from across the digital industry, and handily break it down by section. Want to hone your optimization techniques? Your testing strategies? Get informed on website performance? It’s all here - along with much more. Simply navigate the contents below to jump to the subject you wish to know more about, and click on the image of whichever tip or tool interests you for more!

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  • Digital Customer Experience
    • Load time's impact on user behavior
    • Digital customer experience survey report
    • What drives users to complete more bookings on travel websites?
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Complete guide to CRO
    • Conversion research with Craig Sullivan
    • Ecommerce optimization best practices
    • Guide to form analysis
  • Landing Pages
    • Infographic best practice guide
    • Landing page sessions with Oli Gardner
  • A/B Testing
    • Testing's importance
    • Testing best practice
    • How to come up with effective hypotheses
    • The worst mistakes in testing
  • Marketing
    • Whiteboard Friday with Rand Fishkin
    • Emotions, marketing and the reptillian brain
  • Content
    • On-page content optimization
    • Integrating SEO and content marketing
    • Generating content ideas
    • Increasing publication output
  • Personalization
    • Is personalization important?
    • The union of digital and in-store personalization
    • How to be clever not creepy
    • Advanced segmentation techniques with Chris Goward


Digital Customer Experience

Load Time's Impact

Our data scientists analyzed 83,828 user sessions across two popular websites to assess the impact of load time on user behavior. The message to businesses is clear: measuring and optimizing website performances across devices is crucial!

New Call-to-action


Survey Report

94% of businesses surveyed use web analytics, but only 69% find it useful. Discover how businesses rate their current digital customer experience offerings - and how you compare - in our extensive digital CX report. 

Customer Experience Report

Travel Website Comparison

We studied visitor behavior on two travel websites to investigate what drives users to complete more bookings. One might expect visitor behavior on sites with similar purposes, checkouts, and conversion paths to be related. Our reports shows different.  

Comparing Travel Site Conversion Rates


Conversion Rate Optimization

Complete Guide

This guide takes a comprehensive look at the entire process of conversion optimization, from research to testing. If you're looking for a complete overview, be sure to get your hands on it by hitting the image below.

Turn your website into a conversion machine


Conversion Research

Craig Sullivan reveals how being ‘too busy’ is no excuse when it comes to researching how users are interacting with your site. He shares very handy one-, two- and four-hour conversion research plans for those on a time budget. Check them out here, or hit the image below.



Ecommerce Optimization

We mined our expert interview series on ecommerce for five ways you can ensure your digital retail site is in the best shape possible to receive the ever-expanding hordes of online shoppers. Does your site work flawlessly across every device? Are you being consistent with your messaging? Efficient with your navigation? Hit below for more!



Form Analytics

Phil Haslehurst’s guide to form analytics covers everything you need to know when it comes to judging the performance of your online forms. Why are people dropping off when they have to give you information? Are you really making the process as streamlined and intuitive as it could be? Hmm...



Landing Pages

Complete Guide

Are your landing pages leading to more conversions? If not, why not?! Our infographic serves as the complete guide to a successful landing page. 



Landing Page Sessions

Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce, hosts The Landing Page Sessions, a brilliant video series that takes an in-depth look at various aspects of your marketing campaigns. Be it emails, ads or landing pages themselves – Oli’s expert guidance has you covered. Catch all the episodes so far by clicking below!



A/B Testing

Testing's importance

We spoke to Andrea Warner about the importance and future of A/B testing. Is it overhyped? Does it slow down innovation? Andrea had some passionate opinions...

Effective Testing

We asked four optimization experts on how to AB test effectively. Their tips and tricks will ensure you never waste time on performing useless tests again.



Testing Hypotheses

Stuck for ideas for testing? We asked four optimization experts how they come up with effective hypotheses for AB tests – click below for their great advice. 



Testing Mistakes

Chris Todd, writing for PRWD, takes a look at some of the worst A/B testing mistakes he’s encountered from the UK’s top companies. Click below to avoid making the same mistakes they did!




Optimized Marketing

Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday series on Moz is simply essential watching for marketers. Wide-ranging yet in-depth, the series advises on all things marketing, and is delivered by Rand in highly-engaging fashion. Click the still from the video below for a great example - this particular episode focuses on how to upgrade your presentational technique.



Emotional Marketing

Shanelle Mullin writes all about appealing to people's intuition in her great post for ConversionXL, 'How to Market to the Reptilian Brain'. We focus so much on making a logical case for customers, she argues, that we fail to acknowledge that, in fact, a lot of decisions are made subconsciously and not totally rationally. 




Content Optimization

Angie Schottmuller's 'Holy Grail of On-Page Content Optimization' presentation, embedded below, offers a thorough overview of considerations that should be made when it comes to the nature and placement of content on-site. Can you say with certainty you've thought of everything



Content and SEO

Mary Barbour writes for Oz on the benefits of integrating your SEO and content marketing. The two should not be considered as separate activities, she argues – or one as an afterthought of the other. Click below to see her suggestions on how to fuse them!



Content Ideas

Chris Green over at StrategiQ discusses the Heuristic Ideation Technique (HIT). If you’re stuck for content ideas, Chris outlines a fantastic way to come up with some new ones. Simply grab some concepts and intersect them in a matrix – click the example below for more!



Publishing Output

Hit creative burnout? Justin Mares, writing at HubSpot, offers eight great ways to increase your content output without having to wrestle with the dreaded blank page in the hunt for new ideas. Spoiler alert: repurpose and optimize past content. 




Personalization's Importance

Customer personalization is becoming widely adopted across the digital industry. We asked five ecommerce experts the extent to which it should be considered for a digital retail site.



Online and Offline

Brett Carneiro climbs the Decibel Insight soapbox to share his vision for the union of digital and in-store personalization. He argues it will lead to the ultimate customer experience. Did someone say beacons? 



Clever Not Creepy

A terrifying potential pitfall for personalization is that you might come across as creepy. It happens when you simply show off the data you have on your customers without harnessing it to improve their experience. We asked four experts how to ensure you are clever rather than creepy with data. 



Advanced Segmentation Techniques

WiderFunnel Founder & CEO Chris Goward reveals how he uses segmentation to drastically increase revenue for his clients. Hit the image below to watch the video now!

Advanced Segmentation Techniques - Webinar Recording



This post is regularly updated to ensure resources are up to date and as useful as they can be for today's web analysts and optimizers.

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