Comparing Travel Site Conversion Paths: What Drives Users to Convert?

Jack Maden  |  October 17, 2016

Jack Maden  |  October 17, 2016


We examined 128,535 visitor sessions across the top 10 pages by traffic of two major travel websites. The purpose of both websites is for building, booking, and managing trips. On this basis, one might expect patterns in visitor behavior - and the paths that lead users to convert - to be similar across each website. Both are in the travel sector, they have comparable checkout processes, and they each require the user to provide similar information in order to convert. The data, however, does not show such similarity in visitor behavior: it tells a different, more intriguing story. 

The 128,535 visitor sessions we analyzed were grouped according to three criteria:

  • Whether or not the visit resulted in a conversion
  • The device used - mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Focus time (the amount of time a user spends actively engaging with a web page) - lower than average, average, or higher than average

Our data scientists then explored two variables - focus time in the session, as well as the number of pages viewed - to identify the impact of these metrics on conversion rate.


The unique fingerprint of website conversion

We found that behavior exhibited by converting users on website A differed significantly to that displayed by converting users on website B. What seemingly drove visitors to convert for one did not have the same impact for the other - and in some cases actually had an adverse effect. 

This - as well as other key takeaways from the report - acts as a reminder for marketers and web optimizers that there's a large variety of visitor behaviors among websites within the same category. Moreover, it's indicative of the uniquely contextual patterns that emerge in the relationship between user behavior and website outcomes: what works for one website will not necessarily work for all.

Download your free copy of the report now to get the full breakdown of what drives users to convert for each website.

Comparing Travel Site Conversion Rates

Jack Maden

Written on October 17, 2016 by:

Jack Maden

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